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Santorini’s worth- living activities

A full list for the best activities in Santorini

Santorini is an island like no other and you will feel this right from the moment of your arrival on the island. Besides the great hospitality experience in Sail Inn, there is a wide range of activities so that you choose the ones that will make the most out of your visit in Santorini. Our Ancient Thira Tours travel agency will recommend and organize tours, activities, cruises and will suggest the best ways to explore Santorini. Let’s take a look to the activities that you have to live in Santorini.


Ancient Thira Bus Trip

This is an experience that you simply can’t miss while you stay in Sail Inn and Kamari Beach. Take the bus that departs daily from Kamari to reach the top of Mesa Vouno where the city of Ancient Thira was built by Spartan settlers in the 8th century BC. Admire the ancient Agora, the temples, the ruins of the theatre as well as the breath-taking view.

Tip. At Ancient Thira Tours, we suggest the following route for a complete experience. Take the bus from Kamari to Ancient Thira then follow the hiking path leading to the beach of Perissa (approx.30 minutes) and return to Kamari by boat.


Private Tours

Ask our staff for a private tour in Santorini, choosing the destinations and stops that will bring you closer to the best spots of the islands. Whether you are interested in history, gastronomy or sightseeing, we will definitely come up with a private tour in Santorini for you to remember.


Bus Tours

Embark on a tour around Santorini that includes visits at the most intriguing spots across the island. Admire the volcanic heritage of an island that was shaped by lava and see landscapes and icons that you can only find in Santorini.


Boat Trips

Discover the coastal beauties of Santorini with a boat trip across the island. Volcanic rocks, beaches of unusual colours like red, white and black make a boat trip organized by the Ancient Thira Tours travel agency an activity that you will definitely enjoy.  


Volcano Trips

Visit Santorini’s most famous attraction. Choose between sunset or day cruise trips around Santorini and the volcano to witness what makes this island so unique. There are many options in boat types, like the traditional boats or modern catamarans to choose from. The Sail Inn front desk staff will share all the details.



Cycling in Santorini has become even more popular over the last years and you can discover the best parts of the island on a bike with your friends or join a group that will reveal the beauty of Santorini in a refreshing way.



This is one of the best activities to do in Santorini. There are so many paths that you can follow to unravel the beauty of this island. Besides the one to Ancient Thira, there is also the path starting from Fira to Oia and others starting from the nearby village of Pyrgos. Just ask at the reception of Sail Inn.


Fishing Trips

One of the most authentic and traditional experiences in Santorini. Learn all the secrets of fishing in Santorini by local fishermen and discover hidden coastal parts of the island and its most distinguished tastes through a fishing tour organized by local experts. 


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